We combine consulting, coaching, and board advisory skills to help organizations and executives/high performers in the financial information industry to effect large scale corporate transformations and to develop core leadership skills for key personnel.

Organizations benefit from clearly defined, unified strategies, effective and timely implementation of large scale initiatives, and cultural change. As part of the process, executive and high performer leadership skills are further developed so they can more readily recognize and seize opportunities and change cultures.

While many modalities are used as part of the transformative process, MAI Coaching core focus includes iPEC’s Energy Leadership assessments and Blue Ocean opportunity profiling, encouraging deep exploration of opportunities, unifying approaches, and further developing leaders along the way.

Case Study

For a large retail brokerage firm, MAI developed comprehensive market data compliance and cost reductions strategies which led to a dramatic reduction in compliance risk and a targeted 30% reduction in spend.  Actively coached and mentored executive and high performers on the team, effectively aligning corporate and individual goals with strategy results.

Let us help you transform your major initiative and key staff.

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