Since 1990, Madura Associates has provided market data consulting services to over 50 major global clients. To date, our efforts have resulted in over $400 million in annual market data run rate savings along with innovative and award-winning global data strategies.

MAI’s boutique consulting services enhance the price discovery / trade execution process and include the selection, optimization, and efficient implementation of market data services and associated trading systems and applications.

Our consulting services revolve around three main focus areas:

Innovative Strategies

Blue Ocean

Direct to Source


Demand Management

Enterprise agreements


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Case Study

A large sell side fixed-income oriented institution, desired cost reduction and enhanced price discovery via alternative sourcing. MAI developed and fully implemented a comprehensive market data direct to source strategy based on detailed data requirements, benchmarking, data options and commercial considerations.  Resulted in enhanced price discovery via direct sourcing, minimization of vendor shells, and 20% reduction in current run rate.

Let us help you transform your market data business.

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